Březen 2010

Náběr Affs (Affiliates)?

31. března 2010 v 15:36
Ahoj Chceš Spřátelit?Moc Ráda Spřátelím Nwm Estli Budeš Elite To Si Rozmislím Až Budu Mít Víc Jak 15 Affs Tak Vyberu 6 Nejlepších Blogů Přednos Davám Samozřejmě Webům O Wrestlerech WWE,TNA...atd.Takže Pokud Chceš Tak Napis Tyto Požadavky?!

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March 30th Exclusive TNA

30. března 2010 v 20:05 Tna
Modest to the top
Modest at the top
straight to the top and then keep headin up
stars shine for why we shouln'd give a fuck
about what is real
and how real is still the only way to feel the pain it sometimes deals
in a way that survives the struggles we face
in this life there's alot of time can't erase
showcase the skills you were givin at birth
live your life here for what it's worth
show off the style you perfect in life
show all the way to make it right
make it to the top of mt. profession
rule it until you feel theres nothin more for you to do
or say none of you better get in my way
comin down if u do you'll be back on level ground
modest to the top
modest at the top
still modest past top

March 8th

28. března 2010 v 21:38 Tna